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Honoring Our Fallen. Caring For Their Families.

Our Beginning
In October 2012, then Sergeant First Class Joseph Lachnit, Jr. (now MSG Lachnit) was watching the funeral of a fellow Army Ranger killed in action, SGT Thomas MacPherson. It was then he heard MacPherson's sister, Jess say, "For me, now freedom has a face." Immediately SFC Lachnit told his dad, Joseph Lachnit Sr., "We have to show Americans that freedom has a face."

Freedom Has A Face (FHAF) was founded two months later; soon after SGT Macpherson's Army Ranger memorial. With the sound of taps still thick in the air and in clear sight of the solemn black granite obelisk that now bore his name, a small group of Ranger officers and enlisted men came together. Jointly they resolved that America must never forget the sacrifice of our fallen patriots… all of them… back to the civil war. The name, Freedom Has A Face was unanimously adopted for this effort. Thus, it was with this primal Army Ranger sense of duty that FHAF was established and remains today.

What is Freedom Has A Face About ?
No matter which side of the political fence you occupy, where you stand on social issues, or the opinions of faith you hold; the one thing that unites us all as a nation is our freedom. The gift of freedom paid for by others with their very lives. If these heroes could ask one thing from us it would be to take care of their loved ones. That is what Freedom Has A Face is about.

Please click the link: Gifts of Gratitude to find out more about FHAF's latest effort to reach out to these families.

Our Leadership
Joseph J Lachnit Jr.: Original visionary and co-founder of FHAF, currently serving as a MSG, with 11 out of 15 years in Ranger Regiment, including 14 deployments to the Middle East. 1SG Lachnit has been awarded 2 Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart and the Soldiers Medal (highest award for valor in peace time). His commitment to honor the fallen includes him leading a team to the top of Mt. McKinley, AK to lay the names of Rangers recently killed in action on its summit. 1SG Lachnit presently holds the highest Top Secret clearance available.

Joseph Lachnit Sr.: Two decades of international business experience with two large non-profits, one with offices in 55 countries and one with over one billion dollars in endowments. Joe Sr. has had extensive administrative and development experience. Currently Joe is serving as Director of Freedom Has A Face.

Board of Directors
SGM Ray Barrett (Retired) - Olympia, WA: Former U.S. Army, 75th Ranger Regiment retired (24 years). Currently Operational Advisor, Yorktown Systems Group Inc.

Matt Crotty - Spokane, WA: Criminal Attorney of Crotty and Son PLLC, http://crottyandson.com. Matt is a former Army Ranger and is recently retired from the Washington Army National Guard as a Lieutenant Colonel and Company Commander at Ft. Murray, WA.

Barbara Hollace - Spokane Valley, WA: Works in the NYC financial community for Call Street a division of Fact Set, http://factset.com. Barbara has also written 9 novels and has been published in 10 books. She has earned both a business and law degree.

Rick Hooker - Newman Lake, WA: A former senior trainer for Itron, an international multi-billion dollar technology company. Rick has extensive knowledge in the adobe platform and developing cutting-edge media presentations. His skills include filming/editing, audio engineering and webcasting.

Didi MacPherson - Los Angeles, CA: Gold Star Mother of SGT Thomas MacPherson, KIA October 2012. It was Mrs. MacPherson's daughter, Jess that first penned the phrase, "for me now freedom has a face." Didi is the president Alliance Printing Associates. http://apabrandu.com

Joel Rohrs - Seattle, WA: Vice President of Andersen construction, Western Region https://www.andersen-const.com. Joel oversees hundreds of millions of dollars in building through out Washington State and beyond. He has a passion for the military, veterans and in particular our fallen military and their families.

Garry Thomas - Denver, CO: A senior programmer, Garry has over 40 years experience and has been doing programming since the use of punch cards. Mr. Thomas is directly responsible for the architecture and development of the FHAF website.
Advisory Board
Gold Star Mom: Didi MacPherson Los Angeles CA

Major, Kitefre Oboho: WASH .D.C.

Sergeant Major, Ray Barrett (Retired): Olympia WA

Sergeant Major, Julian Chavez: Ft Lewis WA

Master Sergeant, Joseph Lachnit Jr.: Ft Benning GA

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